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Web 2020-2021

Deadline: Sept. 27, 2020

Role Description

Polhacks is a gaming event where the visitors can play tv-games, computer games, card or board games or other. The event is meant to attract both newbies and experienced gamers. Polhacks and its side events is the unions largest alcohol free events, this makes the event special and is something that we think is valuable to our members.

As Web, you are responsible for construction of, updating and minor changes to the Polhacks homepage. You are responsible for the application system for Polhacks and making sure it is as easy to use as possible. Together with Press, you are responsible for ensuring that the union’s visual profile is followed, as well as making sure that all graphics are approved by UTN’s Information Officer before use. You may be required to develop a tournament system if Game chooses not to use an existing system, in order to assist Game with their work during Polhacks. You are also responsible for continuing information for visitors during Polhacks, for example via the homepage and big screens.

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