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The Science Students' Ball

Balogistik 2020-2021

Deadline: Sept. 20, 2020

Role Description

Balogistik is responsible for logistics concerning all events by the ball committee. This also includes being responsible for transporting items to and from different premises. Balogistik is also sharing the responsibility with Balgala over the volunteers. Balogistik is also responsible for all technical equipment, such as sound and lightning during the event. During all events, Balogistik is responsible for all entire security issues concerning the premises, including hiring guards. During the ball evening, Balogistik is responsible for all photographing taking place, including taking photos of couples as well as taking mingle photos. Balogistik may use photo volunteers to achieve this task. Balgala is responsible for the website for the Science students' ball. Balogistik leads this work but will have support from the rest of the ball committee during the entire term.

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