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SciTech Properietory reception

BAS-säng 2020

Deadline: April 2, 2020

Role Description

As a member of Baskå you will, together with the rest of the committee, plan and execute a two-week long reception for the new foundation year student in the beginning of the autumn as well as a smaller reception in the spring for foundation term students. The reception will be in parallel to the students studies and is therefore focused primarily on lunch and evening activities. As a part of the base-committee, your responsibility includes aiding the other committee members in their work and to assist them in planning as well as execution.

BAS-säng has the responsibility for the volunteers as well as for logistics before and during the reception. In the responsibility for the volunteers it is included responsibility for the recruitment, scheduling and training for, as well as the unveiling of the volunteers. In the responsibility for the volunteers included that, during the reception, have the responsibility for that the BAS-camp, the joure, the resting-room and the crisis-room is looked after and is maintained in a good form. Finally BAS-säng is also responsible for security.

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