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Proprietorial Teachers

Properietory teacher 2020

Deadline: Feb. 19, 2020

Role Description

As a Prep teacher you are responsible for planning and teaching math classes for new students at the university. You will be giving ten lessons during the two week long student receptions for the TekNat-faculty at Uppsala University. Your main objective as a Prep teacher is to help the new students repeat the math that they learned in upper secondary school, so that they are ready for the math courses at the university. It is, however, also important that you are a good role model and give the new students the help they need if they have any questions surrounding the student life here in Uppsala.

During the spring you will be attending meetings together with the rest of the committee, where you will get all the tools necessary to be a good Prep teacher. The committee will also be split into smaller work groups, each responsible for their own part of the event. Since you will be paid for this work, it is required that you attend the meetings.

This position requires you to be fluent in Swedish, as all lessons will be held in Swedish.

Application is open between 9/2 and 19/2.

Interviews will be held between 16/2 and 25/2.

Lessons will be held between 25/8 and 4/9.

Description of the post is available at:

Please observe that the application is in two parts; one part here ( and one part in the google form below. You must submit an answer to both of these forms, otherwise you cannot be called for an interview.


The most suited applicants will be called to an interview via e-mail. If you are not called to an interview you will still receive an e-mail explaining why.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]

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