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Feed 2020-2021

Deadline: Sept. 27, 2020

Role Description

Polhacks is a gaming event where the visitors can play tv-games, computer games, card or board games or other. The event is meant to attract both newbies and experienced gamers. Polhacks and its side events is the unions largest alcohol free events, this makes the event special and is something that we think is valuable to our members.

As Feed, you are responsible for food service and the kiosk during Polhacks. You are also responsible for food and drink during other events during the mandate, such as ticket release events. Together with Cash, you are responsible for setting the price for food and kiosk goods to be sold during Polhacks. Prior to food service, you are responsible for ordering the necessary supplies. You are then responsible for preparing food during the event, together with volunteers. During Polhacks there should be two meals served per day.

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